Tradition meets innovation

EPIRUS SA is one of the largest cheese-producing companies in Greece with 3 state-of-the-art production and packaging units in Arta, in Elassona and in Domokos.
In Arta we produce Feta PDO and other white cheeses. Approximately 40.000 tons of sheep & goat milk are processed annually.
In Elassona we produce yellow hard & semihard cheeses. Approximately 4.000 tons of milk are processed annually.
In Domokos we produce traditional spread cheeses.

The company’s production capacity and methods, its consistent investment in technology, research & development, plus an innovative spirit combined with in depth knowledge and experience of tradition, guarantee the excellent quality of EPIRUS products.

Today EPIRUS SA employs a workforce of 280, co-operates with a network of 350 suppliers and collects milk from 1,800 farmers.