1994: EPIRUS SA founded in Ammotopos, Arta. It initially produced Feta, Kefalograviera and Mizithra (hard whey cheese) . It was the first company in Greece to produce feta, pre-packed in brine, for optimum preservation.

1995: EPIRUS SA starts exporting its products.

1997: EPIRUS becomes the first cheese-making company to be certified with ISO 9001:2000. It has since received other significant certifications such as ISO 2200 and IFS.

2004: With a workforce of 140 full-time and seasonal employees EPIRUS becomes the largest production plant in the prefecture of Arta.

2007: Milk is now collected exclusively by trucks that are fully-owned by EPIRUS; they are equipped with pre-cooled milk tanks and have been distributed to all the co-operating farmers.

2007: EPIROS Feta wins the Gold Prize at the first cheese competition to take place in Greece, within the framework of the 1st Hellenic Milk & Cheese Festival.

2007: EPIRUS SA operates a photovoltaic park for the production and sale of energy (1st in Western Greece) with a capacity of 20KWh.

2008: Epiros Light White, with a fat content of 12%, is launched.

2007-2009: The production & packaging department is re-organized (an investment of 17M €)

2015: Lauch of Epiros Feta with Reduced Salt (40% less salt versus Epiros Original Feta)

2017: Launch of Epiros Organic Feta.

2018: Relaunches Epiros White Goat Cheese and also launches Epiros Semihard Goat cheese.

2019: Launches one more product: Epiros Smoked Feta, which is smoked naturally with beech tree.

Today, exports make for 15% of total Epiros sales.