Enviromental Consiousness

EPIRUS SA invests heavily in the environmental protection, committing to climate change mitigation, by taking a series of actions:

• Installation of photovoltaic arrays at its plant units.

• Recycling of plastic, paper & tinplate cans.

• Recycling of batteries.

• Recycling of all light bulbs and electric/electronic appliances.

• Eco-friendly, EURO 5 technology tanks and usage of AD BLUE to minimize the emission of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) & CO2 (carbon dioxide).

• Modernization of the biological cleaning system ventilation and installation of a new ventilation-sedimentation tank, aiming to increase the capacity of the effluent processing system.

• Planting of olive trees in the area surrounding the factory.

• Dispatch of the inappropriate products to a Biogas production facility.

• Installation of a filtering unit for condensed whey, to reduce the emission of gases during its transfer.

EPIRUS SA contributes to the collective effort for a better, cleaner, more humane environment. The implementation of environmental programs for the protection of the environment are also certified by ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.


We support and contribute to the development of livestock farming by transferring our expertise, know-how and best practices to the farmers, regarding issues such as herd growth and feeding, as well as the improvement of milk quality. Additionally, we support them on the medical treatment of their herds.

We support our region, Epirus, by continuously offering job and education opportunities. Every year, we sponsor several local athletic clubs and we offer local students the opportunity to study in the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, through a scholarship program.

We are very conscious about the current environmental issues and we try to act responsibly by investing in sustainable practices, such as water re-usage, CO2 emissions & waste reduction technologies.