EPIROS Original Feta PDO cheese and EPIROS Talagani cheese distinguish for another year at the Superior Taste Awards 2023

The consistently high quality, constant innovation and superior taste that characterize EPIROS products are highlighted once more through an important distinction from the International Taste Institute (ITI), based in Brussels. EPIROS Original Feta PDO cheese and EPIROS Talagani grilling cheese, made from 100% Greek sheep and goat milk, stood out in their category – among cheeses from around the world- and both won a Superior Taste Award.

It is worth noting that EPIROS Original Feta PDO cheese has been awarded several times for its authentic, traditional taste and unique texture, having received dozens of distinctions from leading international taste and quality competitions.

ITI is one of the top organizations dedicated to testing and awarding food and drink products of superior taste from every corner of the globe. The judges, selected top chefs and tasters, follow a rigorous blind test methodology that ensures the objectivity of the results.

With long experience in the cheese industry, EPIROS has always remained true to tradition, while adopting the principles of sustainability and constantly investing in research and development, aiming not only to maintain, but also to enhance the quality and taste attributes of its products.