2 gold and 1 silver award for EPIROS at this year’s Monde Selection Quality Awards

A new triple distinction at the Monde Selection Quality Awards 2023 rewards once more the consistently superior quality and taste that characterize the products of EPIRUS SA. EPIROS Original Feta PDO cheese and EPIROS Organic Feta PDO cheese won the gold award, while EPIROS Feta PDO Reduced Salt cheese received the silver award.

EPIROS Feta PDO cheese, in all its different versions, is awarded every year, not only in this competition but also in other significant international events, thanks to its unique characteristics, unchanged over time, such as its buttery taste, rich aroma and solid texture. It is produced according to the original recipe for Feta, from milk that comes mostly from animals in the region of Epirus, which is renowned for its pure, clean environment with a huge variety of grasses and herbs that give the final product a high nutritional value and a unique flavour imprint.

Marianna Antonakopoulou, EPIROS Exports Marketing Manager, commented: «In EPIRUS SA, our main concern is that tradition is always combined with innovation, sustainable practices, strict quality standards and modern eating habits. We are really proud that both the traditional EPIROS Feta PDO Cheese and its modern versions, have won the trust of judges and consumers, receiving dozens of distinctions every year in Greece and abroad.”.