Another international distinction for EPIROS products at the DLG Quality Awards 2021

Four products of EPIROS stood out at this year’s quality awards organized by the German DLG Organization, in Frankfurt, winning three gold and one silver medals. The traditional EPIROS Feta PDO, EPIROS Organic Feta PDO, EPIROS Goat Cheese and EPIROS Talagani (the handmade grilled cheese from 100% sheep’s milk), impressed the judges with their quality and taste.

DLG is one of the leading organizations in food quality assessment, which examines annually over 20,000 products from around the world. It is worth noting that in 2021, EPIROS has already been awarded for its products in two other internationally prestigious competitions (in the Superior Taste Awards 2021 of International Taste Institute and in the Monde Selection 2021 of International Quality Institute).

All the products of EPIROS are produced according to the strictest standards. The respect for tradition combined with experience and continuous investment in technology and R&D, lead to the manufacture of products with rich taste, high nutritional value and excellent quality. EPIROS is the #1 brand in prepacked white traditional cheese (feta and feta like) in market share in Greece for the last 5 years.