Three products of Epirus SA were awarded for their premium taste at the Superior Taste Awards 2021

For one more year, EPIRUS SA participated in the Superior Taste Awards organized by the International Taste Institute (ITI), based in Brussels, adding three important distinctions to its assets for its products EPIROS Goat Cheese, EPIROS Organic Feta PDO and EPIROS Feta PDO.

More than 200 renowned taste experts from 20 countries around the world rewarded the authentic taste of EPIROS products. The traditional EPIROS Feta PDO, the most award-winning feta in the world, “charmed” the jury once again with its rich aroma and consistently top quality. In this year’s competition, the EPIROS Organic Feta PDO -produced exclusively from Greek, organic, pasteurized goat’s and sheep’s milk- was distinguished once again, while the EPIROS Goat Cheese, from 100% Greek goat’s milk, stood out for its off-white color and high taste intensity.