• 200 gr. Epiros Feta
  • 2 large potatoes - washed skin on
  • 1 cup fresh beef stock
  • 1 tsp (tea spoon) corn starch
  • Oil for frying
  • Coarse salt
  • Fresh oregano


Cut washed potatoes into French fries strips. Put in a colander and wash well to get rid of most of the starch. Add the corn starch to the beef stalk; in small heavy bottom pot heat the beef stalk stirring occasionally until it simmers. Remove from heat and allow to rest. I a large heavy bottom pot place oil for frying and heat to 150C; place potatoes in pot and boil (poach) for 10’ or until potatoes soft and soggy. Remove poached potatoes draining well from oil and increase heat to 200C. Let poached potatoes rest and drain; add to hot oil and fry for 10’ or until crispy. In a mortar and pestle crush coarse salt with oregano.

Plating:In a flat dish place potatoes, a ladle of stalk, aromatic salt, crumbled Epiros feta and some more stalk. Decorate with 2 stems of fresh oregano.