Enviromental Consiousness

EPIRUS SA has invested heavily in environmental protection:

Installation of photovoltaic systems at the plant.
Recycling of plastic, paper & tinplate cans.
Recycling of batteries.
Recycling of all light bulbs and electric/electronic appliances.
Eco-friendly, EURO 5 technology, tanks and use of AD BLUE to minimize the emission of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) & CO2 (carbon dioxide).
Modernization of the ventilation of the biological cleaning system and installation of a new ventilation-sedimentation tank, aimed to increase the capacity of the effluent processing system.
Planting of olive trees in the area surrounding the factory.
Dispatch of the inappropriate products to a Biogas production facility.
Installation of a filtering unit for condensed whey, to reduce the emission of gases during its transfer.
EPIRUS SA contributes to the collective effort for a better, cleaner, more humane environment. The awareness of environmental protection and the implementation of environmental programs are proven by receiving the certification ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.