7awards for EPIROS’ products at the “Mediterranean Taste Awards 2022”

EPIROS participated for the first time ever, in this year’s international competition “Mediterranean Taste Awards” and won 7 awards in total for its products.

Specifically, EPIROS Greek Goat Cheese and EPIROS Organic Feta PDO won the Platinum Award for their outstanding taste, the highest distinction in the cheese products category, while the traditional EPIROS Original Feta PDO, EPIROS Spread Cheese with Feta and EPIROS Saganaki won the Gold Award. EPIROS Talagani and EPIROS Light Cheese were also distinguished in the competition and won the Silver Award.

The Mediterranean Taste Awards aim to highlight the benefits and advantages of the Mediterranean diet, through the discovery and promotion of the most innovative and unique in taste products. The food and beverage brands participating in the competition are judged by a team of leading food scientists and gastronomy experts through blind tests.

EPIROS’ Exports Marketing Manager, Marianna Antonakopoulou, commented on the award: “It is a great honor and joy for us that 7 Greek products, which are produced with passion, dedication, and the strictest standards in our factory in Arta (Greece), were distinguished thanks to their taste in a top international competition, such as the Mediterranean Taste Awards”.